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Provision Connect specializes in providing cloud-based solutions for e-commerce, e-procurement, e-marketplace, and supplier connectivity. Our focus is on helping small disadvantaged businesses, also known as diversity resellers, take advantage of diversity spend opportunities. We offer support to various types of businesses, including DBEs, SDBs, HUBZones, SBA 8(a)s, MBEs, Women-Owned Small Businesses, and Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Businesses. Our solutions are designed to enable efficient and cost-effective business transactions between diversity spend buyers and suppliers. We offer a range of connectivity options, including punchouts, double punchouts, and hosted catalog services, to ensure seamless communication with suppliers.

Our extensive client base spans across public sector, government, education, healthcare, and aerospace industries. Over the years, our clients have successfully completed millions of transactions through our gateway. We have expertise in connecting different systems and organizations, ensuring maximum effectiveness in technology-based purchasing options. Our services include punchout, hosted catalog, and marketplace solutions, tailored to meet the unique needs of each client. We are committed to assisting businesses in setting up the necessary purchasing solutions to achieve their goals. Additionally, we provide comprehensive support to diversity suppliers, offering e-commerce and e-procurement assistance, and providing a platform to showcase diversity spend offerings to their customers.


We have been busy adding new features to the platform to increase sales, productivity, workflow and retention. We have added new ways to order from suppliers and can provide easy integration with existing or new suppliers. We have added a custom quoting module as an option to clients needing to provide buyers with quotes for items of any type.

We have added new reports that allow clients to easily track open orders and non-invoices items. Our newest platform layout allows resellers to grow by adding new supplier connections and hosted catalogs within an easy to use and navigate new shopping experience. Our experience within the industry has helped us stay in tune with market forces and industry standards. We have redesigned our marketplace to handle just about any opportunity that is indentified.

For more information, please contact Us: 713-252-5160


ESG scores have become a big deal because they offer a holistic framework for evaluating a company's impact on the environment, society, and governance. Companies with high ESG scores can enjoy a range of benefits, from reduced risks and improved access to capital to enhanced reputation and competitive advantage. Moreover, the increasing emphasis on ESG reflects a growing recognition of the interconnectedness of business success with environmental and social well-being. The diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) movement has become important for businesses that consider the social impact of their operations and spend. Read more about how DEI and ESG can become a driver for more spend success.

For more information about ESG, its impact and how we can help both resellers and corporations looking for help with ESG, Click Here

Best in Class Platform

  • We've created an ecommerce platform that integrates with any diversity supplier via punchout or hosted catalog.
  • We can support any transaction type (cXML, EDI, OCI, XML, Text) and can provide a fully automated electronic solution to our diversity clients.
  • We've developed 100% of our software platform (no 3rd party add-ins or integration as our competitors rely on) and therefore can control all aspects of the user experience and software capabilities.
  • We now offer markplace capability to assist you in offering as many puchasing opportunies as possible to your buyers.

Industry Experience

  • Our e-commerce platform has been in production since 1998 and our diversity program has been in place since 2010.
  • Our vast experience makes the "get going" process quick and painless.
  • We have helped develop supplier diversity programs and know how all of the pieces fit together in order to provide you with the best and most cost-effective platform for your procurement and spend needs.

World Class Features

  • We provide features only found in enterprise applications.
  • We Constantly update the platform to add innovative features based on our users' feedback..
  • Our platform runs on the Amazon Web Services platform and is fully redundant and scalable to any sized customer.
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We provide services to clients representing:

If you answer YES to any of the following questions, we are the solution provider for you:

  I need an e-procurement platform for our small disadvantaged business.
  I need an e-marketplace that contains many buying options for my customers.
  I need a supplier connection to my diversity spend buyer.
  I need to quickly implement an e-commerce solution for my company.
  I need a large set of capabilities from which to pursue spending opportunities for my company.
  I need to support P-Cards and charge when shipped capabilities.
  I need advanced quoting and order approval options.
  I need a cutting edge solution to differing buying and supplying needs.
  I need a punchout, double punchout or hosted catalog.

For more information, please contact Us: 713-252-5160

Why Choose Us?

Provision Connect provides the ultimate tools to compete for diversity spend dollars. We've got the capabilities to allow our customers to bid and win more contractual spending opportunities while providing customers with enterprise level e-procurement.
Our e-commerce and e-procurement interface has been developed with the latest robust framework to allow for growth both in terms of functionality as well as sales.
Are administrative tools allow our clients to remain in constant contact with incoming and outgoing POs, invoicing, CRM, marketing and reporting.
We can connect you to your suppliers and buyers in any configuration needed for diversity spend capability. We've connected to some of the largest diversity suppliers in the market and can help you with your needs big or small.
We can provide you with a complete marketplace solution for your customers to provide them with a complete solution to access ALL of your suppliers and purchasing needs.

What We've Built

Amazing Set of Cohesive Tools

Provision Connect has created an END TO END set of cohesive tools designed for diversity programs to better serve their customers while reducing supplier and client support costs especially for small purchases.

Window Into Supplier Resources

We provide a window into supplier resources (products, availability, shipping information, etc.) without conflict or 'pass through' appearance. The platform becomes an information sharing tool to provide top tier capabilities to our clients which fosters growth & spend opportunities.

A True Solution Centric Platform

From Quoting to Procurement to CRM to End User Support, we provide our clients the most advanced and comprehensive set of tools to get the job done every time.

Easy to Use & Adopt

Our platform is quick to implement and easy to use to provide clients with an easy to use spend option and their customers a simple but effective e-procurement application.

Increase Capabilities for Growth

We offer more technological capabilities to our clients to complete for diversity spend dollars. The more capabilities, the more clients are successful in winning RFQs and contract bids. More wins equate to more spend dollars flowing through the platform.

Platform Features

  • Cloud Based SAAS Infrastructure

    Our Amazon Web Services Cloud-based Platform ensures availability, scalability, security and data backup.

  • User Level Mangement

    Add as many users to as many accounts as needed and select which options apply to any individual login.

  • Advanced Shopping Options

    From Quoting to Order Approvals to a Variety of User Level Configuration and much more. Allows for complete control over shopping cart items, advanced payment & shipping profile options and support for tax, handling and multiple payment processes.

  • Supplier Connect

    We provide clients with complete supplier Catalog, PO, and invoice integration and can create a custom solution to provide a level of integration needed for a specific project or contract.

  • ERP Connect

    With Upstream E-Procurement Support, we can connect your buyers to you electronically to deliver POs and accept invoices. We've made connections to: SciQuest, Peoplesoft, Ariba, Perfect Commerce, Periscope, and many other e-procurement solutions.

  • Accounting Connect

    We provide clients with complete supplier Catalog, PO, and invoice integration and can create a custom solution to provide a level of integration needed for a specific project or contract.

  • Easy Management

    We provide clients with complete supplier Catalog, PO, and invoice integration and can create a custom solution to provide a level of integration needed for a specific project or contract.

  • Quick & Configurable Reports

    Our user-based and administrative reporting abilities allow full control over what data can exported from the procurement hub.

  • Great Support

    Our user-based and administrative reporting abilities allow full control over what data can exported from the procurement hub.

  • Accept Credit Cards & P-Cards

    We can integrate with any credit card processors on the market (AuthorizeNet, Paytrace, etc.) and provide full P-card support and Level III data.

  • Calculate Taxes

    We've integrated with Avalara's AvaTax to provide the most detailed tax calculations to support your procurement transactions.

  • Advanced Order Approval

    Infinite levels of approval via approval chain or creation of approver pools at the account level to provide customers with a variety of approval scenarios.

  • cXML, EDI, OCI & Text Support

    We support all methods of electronic communication and transactions. Based on buyer and supplier needs, we can combine transactional support across multiple transaction types based on the interfaces available.

  • Hosted Catalog Module

    Allows for clients to create custom hosted catalogs based on customer needs and contract opportunities. Users can browse, search, and place orders via catalog module using all of the shopping cart features as well as quoting tools.

  • Platform Punchout Module

    Our clients can become their own suppliers through the use the punchout capabilites offered within the plaform. Upstream customers using their own e-procurement solutions can now punchout to your site to find and create POs for hosted catalog items.


    We've added barcode support for buyer warehouse receiving. Allows inventory matchup between ERP and Supplier.

Our Solution Partners

Suppliers We Have Worked With

  • Grainger
  • Global Industrial
  • VWR
  • Fisher Scientific
  • Thomas Scientific
  • Staples
  • Essendent
  • HD Supply
  • FW Webb
  • Tifco Industries
  • Turtle Electrical
  • Gemaire
  • Graybar
  • Waxie
  • School Health
  • School Outfitters
  • Safeware
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