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About Provision Connect & Our Platform

Provision Connect specializes in offering cloud-based solutions for e-commerce, e-procurement, and supplier connectivity to small disadvantaged businesses, also known as diversity resellers. Our services cater to a wide range of businesses, including DBEs, SDBs, HUBZones, SBA 8(a)s, Women-Owned Small Businesses, and Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Businesses. We are capable of swiftly and cost-effectively implementing solutions for businesses seeking to engage in transactions between diversity spend buyers and suppliers.

Our client base spans across various sectors, including public sector, government, education, healthcare, and aerospace industries. Through our gateway, millions of transactions have been successfully processed. We possess the expertise to connect disparate systems and organizations, enabling you to maximize the efficiency of your technology-based purchasing options.

With over 26 years of experience in developing core technologies, including 14 years specifically focused on disadvantaged businesses, Provision Connect has established strong partnerships with supplier e-commerce teams from renowned companies like Grainger, VWR, and Fisher Scientific. We also collaborate with external technology vendors such as Ariba, Jaggaer (SciQuest), Coupa, PeopleSoft, Oracle, GSX, Periscope, Perfect Commerce, 1 EDI Source, and Exostar. Through these collaborations, we have created an end-to-end e-procurement platform that seamlessly connects thousands of buyers, suppliers, and value-added small businesses. Our enterprise-level connections empower our customers to swiftly establish customized and robust procurement solutions to meet their unique purchasing goals.

About the Platform

The Provision Connect Procurement Platform consists of a core purchasing hub module allowing clients to add any number of buyers and suppliers to the hub using a flexible but scalable cloud-based software hub and spoke architecture. Using Provision Connect's platform, clients are afforded an enterprise level procurement platform for a fraction of the cost of other vendors' offerings and a rollout schedule that is far shorter than anyone in the industry.

Highlights of the Procurement Platform:
  • Developed out of purchasing necessity
  • Created platform to allow 24/7 purchasing of products by customers as well as internal staff
  • Developed through e-commerce and procurement experience
  • Worked with suppliers to develop end-to-end solution to meet any customer's needs
  • Provides complete transactional processing from purchase order to invoice
  • Scalable online architecture to support infinite number of transactions
  • Secure online application allowing full order lifecycle support and management
  • Flexible components that provide a wide range of transactional processing needs
  • Credit Card processing integration
  • " Advanced shopping cart allowing multiple credit cards and shipping profiles to be saved for checkout; the updated cart also allows for editing of punchout orders after items have been added to a requisition (including item deletion and quantity changes)
  • Save to Quote feature allows customers to save unlimited numbers of quotes that can be turned into POs as needed
  • An order approval process allows account managers to create order rules for purchasing based on daily or monthly spending limits as well as 100% approval. The completely automated approval system allows multiple levels of approval for orders placed by account users
  • Advanced order history reporting allows account managers to create item level sales reports based user and timeframe
  • Updated user interface and site management capabilities
  • Hosted Catalog Module allows CXML Customers to upload custom catalogs that can be accessed via login and/or punchout from external e-procurement platforms, providing users with a complete e-commerce solution. The Catalog Module also contains its own shopping and search interface that connects seamlessly within the Provision Connect architecture.
Provision Connect Procurement Software Benefits:
  • Provision Connect possesses high level of expertise in procurement process technology with both buyers and suppliers
  • Vast experience in working with e-commerce development teams
  • Provision Connect Procurement system creates a proactive view into the order process and provides active notifications to its customers of any and all issues that may arise from PO to invoice
  • Allows clients to sell a variety of supplier products seamlessly to customer electronically using a flexible and scalable connection based architecture
  • The Provision Connect Hub's Administrative Console allows customer service to view PO order details and shipping information [for proactive buyer support if there is a backorder or rejected item] while supporting any and all buyer requests
  • Branded and customized Order Acknowledgements, Welcome Packages and Newsletters can be sent via email from the Connect Hub to buyer for quick reference and customer relationship management
  • The Provision Connect Hub's Administrative Console contains real time reporting to allow accounting personnel to adjust any invoicing irregularities that may occur before sending invoice back to buyer
  • The Provision Connect Hub's Administrative Console will allow customer support to work any problems via tracked and logged email within the console
  • The customer is in control of the entire order process. We do not outsource to a third party that does not have a relationship with the customer. All billing, order placement, and follow up customer service will be handled by internal employees via the procurement platform
  • Provision Connect's IT Team can quickly develop complete online purchasing solutions between its customers and suppliers as well as any custom reports and programs designed to assist with any aspect of the procurement process
  • Customers can now manage most if not all of the procurement processes directly though the platform, including: sourcing, quoting, approving, reporting and reorder
ROI Technology Factors:
  • Platform is infinitely scalable using a clustered server configuration that is hosted and managed by Provision Connect
  • Features of software are constantly updated with new processes and improved data reporting
  • Provision Connect uses best practices and industry leading communications technologies and methodologies in order to exchange data between buyers and suppliers (cXML, web services, EDI, etc.)
  • Platform includes work flow and automation tools designed to increase the efficiency of both buying and invoicing
  • Architecture allows clients to connect buyers, suppliers and accounting systems within a flexible framework upon which to grow additional buying and selling relationships
  • Platform is available 24/7 and allows both external customers as well as internal support staff on behalf of an external buyer to the use the procurement system to place and manage orders
  • Additionally, buyers are able to: add new logins for staff; manage purchasing and access rights; create an approval process for each login; and decide what forms of payment can be used upon checkout.
Timeframe & Scalability:
  • Rollout time is extremely short due to experience and familiarity with suppliers' development teams
  • Additional procurement connectors can be added as needed within weeks
  • New suppliers can be added to provide buyers with additional procurement opportunities

Here are some of the supplies we have worked with:
  • Grainger
  • VWR
  • Fisher Scientific
  • Thomas Scientific
  • Staples
  • Essendent
  • HD Supply
  • FW Webb
  • Tifco Industries
  • Turtle Electrical
  • Gemaire
  • Graybar
  • Waxie
  • School Health
  • School Outfitters
  • Safeware
  • Global Industrial
  • Ferguson
  • MSC
Here are some of the upstream ERP systems and marketplaces we have connected with:
  • Ariba
  • Jaggaer
  • Coupa
  • SAP
  • Peoplesoft
  • Vinimaya
  • Oracle
  • GHX
  • Microsoft 360
  • Workday
  • Periscope
  • Proactis (Perfect Commerce)
  • Varis
  • IntraMall
Providing industry leading tools to disadvantaged businesses

We try our best to help businesses through the use of our constantly evolving platform. It's makes us happy to help the disadvantaged.

Brandon Wood, CTO

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