Supplier Connect

Custom Supplier Connections to any Supplier

The Supplier Connect Module is a Procurement Hub extension and is needed to connect the Procurement Hub to suppliers. Connections can be made electronically using a variety of connection methods, and allow clients: to create a marketplace; send completed POs to the supplier; receive acknowledgements of placed orders; receive invoices from the supplier; and in some cases, receive real-time shipping and availability data.

If we've already connected to the supplier, the time to implement that connection is reduced considerably. However, we can always work with new suppliers to get connected to the hub and to get the purchasing process started.

For more information, please contact Us: 713-252-5160

Supplier Connections

Here are a few of the Suppliers we've worked with

Over the years, we have had the opportunity to work with a great group of suppliers and have completed some of the most challenging but rewarding projects. The following list contains a small list of suppliers we have worked with and are constantly adding new ones based on the needs of our clients.






Fisher Scientific

Thomas Scientific



HD Supply

FW Webb

Tifco Industries

Turtle Electrical


School Health

School Outfitters


Global Industrial


Supplier Connect Features

  • Unlimted Supplier Connections
  • Unlimited Punchouts
  • Custom Catalog Support
  • Ability to Support Markups
  • purchase order to invoice processing
  • 24/7 purchasing
  • Support cXML, EDI, OCI, Text POs
  • Support cXML, EDI, OCI, Text Acknowledgments
  • Support cXML, EDI, OCI, Text Invoices
  • Unlimited Transactions
  • Support for Unlimited Accounts and Users
  • Level III Item Data if available
  • Credit Card (P-Card) processing integration