ERP Connect

Custom connection to any ERP software

The ERP Connect Module is a Procurement Hub extension and is used for buyers who want to place POs and receive invoices electronically through the Hub. We've made it simple to bring on new ERP Buyers seamlessly to your platform--allowing you to offer your buyers electronic PO and invoice processing services to larger companies and organizations.

Simply put, we've added capabilites to your e-procurement offering that allow you to competitively bid on more diversity spend engagements. Whether you need a single connection or ten ERP connections, we can add them as needed.

ERP connections also allow buyers to shop from your supplier via ERP punchout and send you electronic POs once a requisition has been completed. We can also help you with hosted catalog creation and management through ERP Connect for those buyers who wish to purchase from a catalog that contains specific items (market basket) or do not wish to punch out to a supplier catalog. If you have implemented the Hosted Catalog Module, the ERP connection can punchout to a catalog hosted on your own procurement platform.

We've made connections to Ariba, Jaggaer (SciQuest), SAP, Coupa, Oracle, Peoplesoft, GSX (Opentext), Periscope, Proactis (formerly Perfect Commerce), Exostar, and more; and we can connect to any other ERP system on the market. Contact us to help you with your connectivity needs.

For more information, please contact Us: 713-252-5160

ERP Connect Features

  • Unlimited ERP Connections
  • buyers can shop via punchout or catalog
  • 24/7 purchasing
  • Unlimited number of transactions
  • Works seamlessly with hosted catalog module
  • Credit Card (P-Card) processing integration
  • Support for dynamic or static ship-to's
  • purchase order to invoice processing
  • Receive PO via cXML, EDI, OCI or text
  • Full PO to invoice lifecycle visibility
  • Level III Item Data if available
  • Buyer transaction window

ERP Connections

Here are a few of the ERP platforms we've connected with