Accounting Connect

Custom connection to any Accounting software

The Accounting Connect Module is a Procurement Hub extension and is used for clients wanting all transactions to be sent to their accounting software. We can send any number of transactions to your back-office system in order to create a truly seamless procurement to payment process. We can send POs, Sales Orders, Credit Card Receipts, Supplier Bills, Customer Invoices, Credits and more to your system based on your accounting set up and can provide you with visibility of transactions across the platform--from PO to Invoice to Payment.

We can implement the Accounting Module as needed by those needing a completely cohesive solution. However, the Accounting Module is not required when creating your marketplace architecture and workflow.

We've made connections to Microsoft Dynamics and Business Central, Quickbooks, Sage, ECI DDMS, ePDS, Salesforce, Prophet 21, IBM Commerce, Netsuite, Axiom, Bizowie and more, and we can connect to any other ERP system on the market. Contact us to help you with your connectivity needs.

For more information, please contact Us: 713-252-5160

Accounting & CRM Software

Here are a few of the Accounting and ERM Software Platforms we've connected with

Accounting Connect Features

  • Unlimited number of Transactions
  • Fully integrated PO to payment process
  • Unlimited Credit Card (P-Card) receipts
  • Import POs, Sales Orders and Receipts
  • Import Supplier Bills, Customer Invoices
  • Import Supplier Credits, Customer Credits
  • Import POs, Sales Orders and Receipts
  • HUB visibility into all transactions