Custom Quoting Module

Allow customers to submit quote requests for any items needed

The Custom Quoting Module is a Procurement Hub extension created to allow customers using the Provision Connect platform to submit custom quote requests to resellers. Once a request is received, the reseller can source and quote the items in the request and then return a quote to the customer for review. Once quoted, the customer can then turn the quote into a shopping cart and complete check out. The items can then be procured, shipped and invoiced. The quoting module allows customers to request any item from any supplier regardless of whether you are connected to that supplier. And using the module, items that are found in a catalog from suppliers you are connected with, the system will auto order those items once the order is placed. Let us demo the module for you to understand the efficiency you can achieve while assisting your customers with the quote to order process.

For more information, please contact Us: 713-252-5160

Custom Quoting Module Features

  • Customers can request a quote for any item
  • Quotes can be reviewed and sourced
  • Customers can complete checkout with quoted items
  • Custom invoices can be generated for quoted items
  • Super easy to use