Creating E-Marketplaces for Diversity Resellers using cXML

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using cxml for diversity resellersCreating Public E Marketplaces for Diversity Resellers using cXML

Provision Connect creates e-marketplace solutions for diversity resellers using the latest technologies including cXML (Commerce eXtensible Markup Language), punchouts, and hosted catalogs to implement a strategy for selling products from a variety of suppliers to provide buyers looking for diversity credit a robust platform from which to shop and place orders.

We can provide expertise to your online sales efforts and can provide you with the tools needed to offer customers the most advanced procurement options available while fully integrating the procure to invoice process. We process transactions using cXML and provide a variety of way to offer customers punchouts to suppliers and hosted catalogs to showcase any products you wish to sell.

cXML: Commerce XML Resources
cXML is a streamlined protocol intended for consistent communication of business documents between procurement applications, e-commerce hubs and suppliers. The ...

In today's global marketplace, diversity and inclusion are essential values for businesses to embrace. Many organizations are actively seeking out diverse suppliers to promote economic growth and foster innovation. However, connecting these diverse resellers with potential buyers can be a challenge. This is where technologies like cXML, punchouts, and hosted catalogs come into play, providing a marketplace solution that benefits both parties. We can help with supplier diversity opportunities and reseller partnerships promoting diversity in business and purchasing practices. And through these opportunities your diversity marketing efforts can be rewarded with increased sales. Many suppliers offer a diversity reseller program and provide diversity reseller opportunities designed to help facilitate the connection between resellers and those looking for diversity spend.

cXML, or Commerce eXtensible Markup Language, is a widely adopted standard for electronic business transactions. It allows for the seamless exchange of procurement information between buyers and suppliers. By leveraging cXML, diversity resellers can easily integrate their product catalogs with various e-procurement systems used by buyers, streamlining the purchasing process.

One of the key features of cXML is its ability to support punchout catalogs. A punchout catalog is an online interface that allows buyers to access a supplier's catalog directly from their own e-procurement system. When a buyer selects a supplier's punchout catalog, they are seamlessly redirected to the supplier's website, where they can browse and select products. Once the buyer completes their selection, the shopping cart is transferred back to their e-procurement system for checkout and order processing.

For diversity resellers, punchout catalogs offer a significant advantage. They enable resellers to showcase their products within the buyer's familiar procurement environment, enhancing visibility and increasing the likelihood of sales. Additionally, punchout catalogs provide an opportunity for resellers to personalize their offerings to specific buyers, tailoring their catalog content and pricing based on individual customer relationships.

In conclusion, cXML, punchouts, and hosted catalogs offer a marketplace solution that benefits both diversity resellers and their buyers. By leveraging these technologies, resellers can seamlessly integrate their product catalogs with various e-procurement systems, increasing visibility and sales opportunities. Punchout catalogs enable resellers to personalize their offerings, while hosted catalogs provide a centralized and secure environment for buyers to access and procure products. Embracing these technologies not only promotes diversity and inclusion but also streamlines the procurement process, ultimately driving economic growth and fostering innovation.

Get in touch with us now to learn more and discover how our expertise can assist your company in expanding its customer base and offering top-notch e-commerce and e-procurement capabilities. We offer many diversity reseller opportunities and electronic procurement solutions to help you achieve your goals.

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