What is a Diversity Reseller?

A diversity reseller is a disadvantaged business that specializes in providing products and services to those governmental, federal and commercial agencies looking for diversity spend. These resellers are typically minority-owned, women-owned, veteran-owned, or small businesses. The purpose of a diversity reseller is to promote inclusivity and equal opportunities in the marketplace by supporting and promoting these underrepresented companies.

diversity resellerDiversity resellers play a crucial role in creating a more diverse and inclusive business environment. They act as intermediaries between suppliers and larger corporations or government agencies that are committed to supplier diversity initiatives. By partnering with these suppliers, diversity resellers help bridge the gap between them and potential customers, enabling them to access new markets and opportunities.

Provision Connect can assist diversity resellers in navigating the complex procurement processes of larger organizations. This assistance is particularly valuable for small and minority-owned businesses that may lack the resources and expertise to navigate these processes on their own.

Furthermore, diversity resellers often collaborate with other organizations and community groups to advocate for supplier diversity and promote the benefits of working with them. They participate in industry conferences, trade shows, and networking events to raise awareness about the importance of supplier diversity and encourage more organizations to embrace it.

The role of a diversity reseller goes beyond simply facilitating transactions between suppliers and buyers. They actively strive to foster mutually beneficial relationships between these two parties. By promoting supplier diversity, diversity resellers help create a more inclusive business landscape that benefits not only the diverse suppliers but also the larger organizations that embrace diversity in their supply chains.

How can Provision Connect help?

We provide technical services, expertise and software designed for resellers needing to increase their IT, e-commerce and e-procurement capabilities. Our platform is designed to offer disadvantaged businesses the right tools to succeed in business.

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